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Black Bear Hunting Guide

To report the harvest of a bear, please call the Harvest Reporting line at 1-877-FWP-WILD (1-877-397-9453). Obtain current harvest info by calling 1-800-385-7826.

Status Updated: April 19, 2014 12:6 PM

Select a Bear Management Unit
  ** N/A - Sex class can be harvested: Does not have a sex specific quota

Bear Management Unit: 510 - Spring

Quota Harvest Status
Female 2 0 OPEN
Male N/A 1 OPEN
Total 5 1 OPEN

Bear Management Unit: 520 - Spring

Quota Harvest Status
Female 12 0 OPEN
Male N/A 0 OPEN
Total N/A 0 OPEN


Bear Management Unit: 700 - Spring

Quota Harvest Status
Female N/A 1 PENDING OVERALL CLOSURE (04-21-2014)
Total 2 2 PENDING OVERALL CLOSURE (04-21-2014)

2014 Season Dates

2014 Season Date Card
PDF icon and link 425 KB

Date Setting Process

Calendar icon and link

Click on the calendar icon in the table(s) below to see the date setting process for each species/hunting season.

2014 Black Bear Season Dates

  Start Date End Date Process
April 15 Various (May 31–June 15) Calendar icon and link
September 6 September 14 Calendar icon and link
September 15 November 30 Calendar icon and link

Caution: Season dates vary by district, so please check the regulations.

If you experience any issues downloading the regulations please visit the System Requirements page to learn about common problems or contact technical support.

Corrections to printed 2013 Black Bear regulations

 Page 2 No longer correct: A black bear license purchased after August 31 may not be used until 5 days after the license is issued.  Update reflecting new legislation: A black bear license purchased after August 31 may not be used until 24 hours after the license is issued.  

2014 Black Bear Regulations

Pages 1–16 PDF icon and link 1.5 MB

eBook Version

Ebook icon and link

Resident License Applications

2014 Resident Black Bear, Trapping, and Hound Training Application

PDF icon and link 30 KB

Purchase Restrictions: See Black Bear Regulations for Black Bear License Restrictions.

2014 Miscellaneous Licenses Application—mail-in application is not available for residents.

Residents must purchase the conservation license, fishing, and most general hunting licenses at an FWP office, FWP License Provider, or online.

Nonresident License Applications

2014 Nonresident Miscellaneous Licenses Application

PDF icon and link 27 KB

The Nonresident Miscellaneous License Application contains nonresident conservation, 2-day fishing, 10-day fishing, season fishing, upland game bird, general turkey, spring/fall black bear, bow & arrow license, archery and hunting access enhancement fee.

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