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Wolf Licenses

Hunting licenses for the state's first regulated wolf season went on sale August 31, 2009.

Purchasing a License

Hunters must have, or also purchase, a valid 2009 Conservation License in order to purchase a Wolf License.

Wolf licenses may be purchased:

Wolf Hunt Refunds Planned If Law Suit Blocks Seasons-News Release

Wolf Management Units & Quotas

When a wolf management unit reaches its quota, FWP will close the season upon 24-hour's notice. Hunters can call 1-800-385-7826 for the latest wolf-harvest status and closure information.

The statewide harvest quota is 75 wolves, divided up between the following Management Units:

  • Wolf Management Unit 1, which extends across the northern tier of Montana, the wolf harvest quota is 41, with a subquota of two in the North Fork of the Flathead River subunit.
  • WMU 2, a patch of southwestern Montana that stretches from Missoula south through the Bitterroot and Upper Big Hole valleys, the wolf harvest quota is 22.
  • WMU 3, which extends across the southern tier of Montana from Dillon east to the Montana border, the wolf harvest quota is 12.

Wolf Hunting Guide

The Wolf Hunting Guide provides details about seasons, regulations, license applications, and many helpful tips and links. [Learn more]