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Montana Bonus Points System

Big Horn Sheep

FWP uses a unique approach to providing all applicants at least one opportunity at drawing a license/permit, while still giving those individuals who have been unsuccessful in the past a chance to increase their odds of drawing a license/permit in the future. The bonus point system is participation based, and applicants must indicate on the application that they wish to participate, as well as pay a participation fee.

For every year an applicant applies for a license/permit, participates in the system, and is unsuccessful in the drawing, they will earn one point. The bonus points earned can be used in future years to place the applicants name in the drawing additional times. The number of additional chances is calculated by squaring the base bonus points. This system does not guarantee a license/permit to the applicants with the most bonus points, however it does guarantee every applicant will have at least one opportunity in the drawing.

Some of the benefits to the bonus point system are: applicants with varying numbers of bonus points may still apply as a party (for species that allow party applications), applicants may skip up to two years of participating without losing the points they have accumulated, applicants may choose whether or not to use their bonus points, and first-time applicants still have a chance to draw a license/permit. One disadvantage with the system is that it does not guarantee anyone a license/permit, which may make it difficult for individuals to plan their hunts in advance.

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