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Hunting and Trapping Licenses

Vehicle-Killed Wildlife Salvage Permit

The 2013 Legislature passed a bill that allows for the salvage of deer, elk, moose, and antelope killed as a result of a collision with a motor vehicle. The bill allows a permit to be issued for the salvage of ONLY deer, elk, moose and antelope. Learn more

Disabled Veterans Hunt License Donation

A new Montana law allows residents and nonresidents to donate their hunting license to a disabled military veteran or disabled active duty service member who is working with an organization that uses hunting as part of the rehabilitation process. Learn more

Fish & Wildlife Licensing and Funding Advisory Council

The Fish & Wildlife Licensing and Funding Advisory Council will evaluate Montana's system of funding fish and wildlife management through the sale of fishing and hunting licenses. Learn more

Application Deadlines

License and permit deadlines, costs, availability, and other details are available for each species and permit type:

Obtain a General License and Apply for Special Drawings

Hunters have four options to obtain a license or apply for special drawings:

License Example

Paper Applications

There are several places to find a paper (or printable) application which you may either mail in or take to a Regional Office to apply for your license or permit:

Permit and License Status

Use MyFWP to check on licensing questions such as: