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Surplus Nonresident Licenses


If you've always wanted to hunt deer and elk in Montana, 2016 IS THE YEAR!

Surplus Nonresident, Big Game, Elk, or Deer Combination licenses are now available. No drawings. And elk numbers in 85% of Montana's hunting districts are at or over objective.

BUY ONLINE: Purchase a surplus nonresident combination hunting license online.

BUY IN FWP OFFICES: Purchase a surplus nonresident combination hunting license at the nearest FWP Office.

Combo licenses also include a conservation license, fishing license, upland game bird license and base hunting license.

Nonresident Surplus Combination License Availability

Any returned combination licenses we receive will be added to the surplus number on Wednesdays at 10:00 AM MDT and sold on a first come first serve basis until gone.

General Nonresident Surplus Combination Licenses*

Map of montana
  • Elk Combos: SOLD OUT
  • Big Game Combos: 0
  • Deer Combos: 0

Come Home to Hunt Surplus Combination Licenses*

  • Big Game Combos: 330
  • Deer Combos: 428

*Numbers are updated each Monday.

Elk Hunting Guide Cover Image

Guide to Montana Elk Hunting

Learn how to apply for a license, and where and when to hunt elk across Montana's vast, diverse and breathtaking lands. Tips include: packing an elk out; finding trophy areas; and essential gear to bring. The free booklet (PDF) is available online.