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Nonresident Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common application errors?

The most common errors found on applications are:

  • missing information on the mandatory and general portion of an application, e.g., no signatures;
  • no payment, wrong amount of money, wrong form of payment,
    e.g., nonresidents paying with personal checks;
  • missing supplemental information, e.g., copy of Hunter Safety Certificate.
  • not marking "yes" on preference point or bonus point
  • not writing in the correct 5 digit number for hunting district opportunity

What is an ALS number? I can’t remember my ALS number, how do I locate it?

ALS stands for Automated Licensing System. An ALS number is assigned by date of birth, followed by 1-3 digits sequentially. All applicants applying since 2001 will have an ALS number. If you have not applied since 2001, you will be assigned an ALS number once you apply for or purchase a license. Call our Licensing Division at (406) 444-2950 if you have questions.

What is the difference between Landowner Sponsor and Landowner Preference?

The difference is:

  • Nonresident Landowner Sponsor Deer Combination Licenses may be applied for when a Montana resident land owner is granting access to hunting on their property. The landowner must be registered with the Special Licensing Bureau. The landowner will send a certificate to each of the hunters who plan to apply and the applicant will send the certificate with their completed application. If drawn, the hunter must conduct all deer hunting on the landowner’s property. The Upland Game Bird & Fishing licenses that come with the deer combination license are not restricted to the landowner’s property.
  • Landowner Preference is for landowners (resident or nonresident) to get enhanced opportunities in drawing certain special permits or licenses. Fifteen percent of each hunting district quota for deer B and antelope licenses, and for deer permits are set aside for landowners owning, or contracting to purchase, 160 acres or more of land used primarily for agriculture and located in that hunting district. Fifteen percent of each hunting district quota for elk licenses and permits are set aside for landowners owning, or contracting to purchase, 640 or more acres of land used by elk in that hunting district.

When does a license year begin?

The general license year begins March 1st of each year. Over-the-counter licenses are typically available to purchase mid-January.

What is a Bonus Point and can I buy a point with out applying?

See the Bonus Points page for all the details.

How can I update my personal information or mailing address?

If you have not changed your residency status and are applying/purchasing online you can update your information at that time. If you have moved to another state, send an e-mail or call the Special Licensing Bureau at (406) 444-2950.

What are the different ways to apply and/or purchase a drawing license?

There are three ways to apply and/or purchase a drawing license:

How do I purchase a SuperTag Lottery ticket?

SuperTag Lottery tickets may be purchased over the counter at any FWP office, a FWP provider (sporting goods stores, etc), or purchase online through the FWP Online Licensing System.

When will Surplus hunting Licenses go on sale?

On August 12, 2019 leftover special permits and licenses that did not sell in our drawings will go on sale on a first come, first served basis. These are generally valid for antlerless deer (deer B), cow elk (elk B), and doe/fawn antelope. In addition some over-the-counter deer B, elk B and antelope B licenses will go on sale at the same time. A specific listing of these licenses and permits will be available. These licenses and permits can be purchased online, over-the-counter, or by downloading a paper application (the latter is not recommended due to first come, first served basis).

How do I request to be added to the mailing list for applications?

Contact Special Licensing at (406) 444-2950 or by e-mail. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments on licenses, drawings, or this online information. Thanks.