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Nonresident Deer & Elk Combination Licenses

Hunting in Montana is an experience unlike any other in the lower 48 states.

Montana’s deer and elk thrive on vast natural landscapes. Hunters enjoy nearly 35 million acres of National Forest and other public land, as well as 8 million acres of land made available through the Block Management Program.

In Montana, you pursue your passion for the hunt in settings that are the envy of any outdoor photographer. Apply for your license and prepare to reconnect with the natural world with an authentic and unforgettable hunting experience.

Combination License Categories

All Combination licenses include a season Fishing license, Upland Bird license, Conservation license, and base hunting license. An applicant may apply for only one Combination license.

Combination License



General Combination Licenses

General Big Game (Deer & Elk)



General Elk


General Deer



Landowner Sponsored License

Landowner Sponsored Deer



Youth Combination License

Youth Big Game



Nonresident Come Home to Hunt

Big Game Combo



Deer Combo



Nonresident Native Combination

Big Game Combo


Deer Combo


General Combination Licenses

Licenses are issued through a random computer drawing. The deer and elk licenses issued as part of a General Combination License are valid throughout the state under the general hunting regulations. Refer to the regulations for specific details.

Landowner Sponsored Licenses

A Montana resident landowner may sponsor nonresidents for a Deer Combination license. The applicant must conduct all deer hunting on the deeded property of the landowner. It is the applicant’s responsibility to find an enrolled landowner.

Youth Combination License

A youth, age 12-17, can be sponsored for a discounted Big Game Combination license by a parent, grandparent, or sibling at least 18 years of age, who at the time of application possess a valid 2017 Nonresident Big Game, Elk or Deer Combination license or a valid 2017 Resident Deer or Elk license. These licenses go on sale January 17, 2017.

Come Home to Hunt License

A law encourages nonresidents 18 years of age or older, who once lived in Montana to "come home to hunt" with parents, siblings and other close family members. The program is aimed at continuing Montana family traditions by making an effort to bring sons and daughters and family back home during hunting season. A total of 500 Nonresident Big Game Combination licenses and 500 Nonresident Deer Combination licenses will be issued to nonresident adults who have completed a Montana hunter safety course, or have previously purchased a Montana resident hunting license and who are sponsored by a Montana resident family member.

Nonresident Native Combination

If you were born in Montana, but now live out-of-state, had purchased hunting or fishing licenses as a resident, and have an immediate family member who is currently a resident you may qualify for these Nonresident Montana Native Hunting licenses at reduced prices. The combination licenses include a Conservation, State Lands, and General Deer and/or Elk license and authorizes fishing and hunting of upland game birds, excluding turkey. [Learn more]

Application Deadlines


The deadline for 2017 General Big Game License; Elk, and Deer Combination Licenses; Landowner Sponsored Deer Combination License, Deer and Elk Permits applications and Come Home to Hunt is March 15, 2017.

Preference Point for Nonresident Combination Licenses

The Montana State Legislature established a preference point system to distribute "Class B-10" nonresident big game combination licenses and "Class B-11" nonresident deer combination licenses. In a preference point system, licenses are awarded to those applicants who hold the greatest number of preference points.

Purchasing Preference Points

Preference points for a nonresident big game or deer combination license may be purchased for a nonrefundable fee of $50. Preference points can be purchased:

  • at the time of application for the nonresident combination license; or
  • between July 1 and September 30 for individuals who did not apply for a nonresident combination license.

Applicants may purchase only one preference point per license year. Preference points purchased at the time of application are awarded prior to the drawing.


Up to 5 applicants may apply as a party. FWP shall use an average of the number of preference points accumulated by those applicants to determine the party's preference points. FWP shall consider any fraction that result from the calculation of an average when determining that priority.

Bonus Points for Deer and Elk Permits

Notification and Refunds


Successful applicants will receive their license and a separate hunting regulation packet. Unsuccessful applicants will receive a refund check of the license price (minus the $5 application fee). The Preference Point fee is not refunded. Please contact the FWP Special Licensing Dept at (406) 444-2950 if you do not receive one of these notifications in the mail by the end of May.

Season Dates


View the 2017 season dates for all big game and upland game bird seasons. View dates

Additional Opportunities

Successfully obtaining a Combination license is just the first step to a memorable Montana hunt. Hunters have a wide variety of options available to specialize their hunts: early archery hunts, late season migration hunts, remote backcountry areas, limited access areas with some true trophy animals, or even some additional licenses to add more meat to your freezer.

Even if you're not successful this year, there are still plenty of opportunities to hunt Montana. With 10 different big game animals, dozens of bird species and almost 100 different game fish, there's something for everybody.


Deer and elk licenses are valid for both an early archery only season and the general rifle season. To hunt during the archery season, hunters must purchase a $10 Archery license after obtaining a hunting license. A certificate showing the completion of a Bowhunter Education course or a prior year’s archery license from any state is required to purchase the Archery license.

Archery regulations in many districts may have changed and now require a special permit. Refer to the regulations for specific details.

If you are applying for an elk permit that is only valid during the Archery Only Season (410-21, 620-21, 631-21, 632-21, 690-21, 798-21 or 900-20), you must purchase a bow and arrow license before you submit an application.  Applications for these districts without the bow and arrow license prerequisite will be removed prior to the drawing. 

Special Permits

The Deer and Elk licenses issued as part of a General Combination license are valid throughout the state. However, some areas of the state have restrictions and limitations. Applicants intending to hunt in a limited district must submit an application for a special permit. Refer to the regulations for specific details. The application deadline was is March 15, 2017.

Alternate’s List

Combination licenses that have been returned for a refund are resold through the Alternate’s List. The sign-up period starts shortly after the drawing in late April and closes mid-May.

Antelope, Deer B & Elk B

Antelope, antlerless Deer B, and Elk B licenses are available through a secondary drawing and in some areas over-the-counter. A Conservation & base hunting license are required. Refer to the regulations for specific details. The application deadline is June 1, 2017.