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Nonresident Montana Native Hunting License

Were you born in Montana, but now live out-of-state and have an immediate family member who is a resident? If so, these Nonresident Montana Native Hunting licenses may be available to you at substantially reduced prices. Combination license includes a conservation, state lands, and general deer and/or elk license and authorizes fishing and hunting of upland game birds, excluding turkey.

  • Nonresident Native Big Game Combination - $545
  • Nonresident Native Deer Combination - $332
  • Nonresident Native Upland Game Bird - $55
  • Nonresident Native Season Fishing + AISPP Fee- $58


To qualify you must provide ALL of the following (at a minumum, see application for details):

  • A birth certificate verifying your birth in Montana, or documentation that you were born to parents who were residents of Montana at the time of birth;
  • and proof of possessing a previous Montana resident hunting or fishing license, or proof of passage of  Montana‚Äôs hunter education course;
  • and proof that you are a nonresident relative of a Montana resident who is your natural or adoptive sibling, child or parent.