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Nonresident Combination License Alternate's List

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks gets a few nonresident combination licenses (big game, elk and general deer) returned for refunds each year.  We do reissue these licenses, after these refund requests are processed. 

Because we have surplus elk combination licenses, they will be available first come first serve until they sell out, not from the alternate list.   

We will be using a sign up at MyFWP to create alternate’s lists of interested individuals for these returned licenses.  From May 15 until June 30 you may make your request to be an alternate here.  For each license type, there will be an alternate’s list, and you may only choose one of the license types. 

A random drawing of the names collected will be held after June 30 to determine your position on these lists.  Individuals who had applied for their original license correctly, but who were unsuccessful will have preference in the drawing.  Licenses will be reissued based on the drawing position.  No payment is needed now, only if your name comes up and you are contacted by FWP.  Being on this list, or obtaining a license from this list has no effect on your existing preference points.

In addition to entering your request between May 15 and June 30, MyFWP also allows you to check your relative position on that list after the drawing takes place in early July.  The odds of getting a license from these lists vary greatly from year to year. Refunds and issuance may occur at any time but the volume increases between early fall and the start of general hunting season in late October. 

In 2019 we will only have an alternate's list for the deer combination license. There will not be an alternate's list for big game or elk combination.