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Marias River WMA Hunting Access

The FWP Commission approved a random drawing for deer-hunter access to Montana's Marias River Wildlife Management Area, southwest of Shelby in Hunting District 406.

Deer hunters must apply for an opportunity to access the WMA via a random drawing for deer hunting periods during the Archery Season—September 7 through October 20, 2014; or the General Rifle Season—October 25 through November 16, 2014.

Access to the Marias River Wildlife Management Area will be allocated as follows:

2014 Archery Season - Deer Hunting Periods
  • 10 archers for the first 2 weeks (Sept 6 – Sept 20)
  • 10 archers for the 3rd and 4th weeks (Sept 21 – Oct 4)
  • 10 archery hunters for 5th and 6th weeks (Oct 5 – Oct 19)
2014 General Season - Deer Hunting Periods
  • 10 rifle hunters for the 1st week (Oct 25 – Oct 31)
  • 10 rifle hunters for the 2nd week (Nov 1 – Nov 8)
  • 10 rifle hunters for the 3rd and final week (Nov 9 – Nov 16)

Public hunting access for all other species (except deer) is open on the Marias River Wildlife Management Area.



The application period was June 15 to July 15, 2014.

For questions about the application process, please contact the FWP Region 4 Office at (406) 454-5840.

NOTE: Only successful drawing applicants will be notified of their authorized deer hunting access dates and maps via a letter from FWP.

Points to remember

  • 10 archery hunters randomly chosen per 2 week period.
  • 3 archery hunt periods, each approximately 2 weeks in length.
  • 10 general hunting season (rifle) hunters randomly chosen per 7-9 day period.
  • 3 general season (rifle) hunt periods, each 7-9 days in length.
  • Hunters may apply for either archery or rifle season but not both.
  • No party applications accepted.
  • Hunt periods will be allotted at the time of drawing and are not transferable.
  • Hunters may apply only once.
  • Incomplete applications will be removed from the drawing.
  • Hunters must include their full name, address, phone number, email address, ALS number and desired hunt- archery or general hunting season (applicant may choose only one) on the application.
  • Drawing will take place after July 15, 2014 with only successful applicants notified of drawing results.
  • Successful applicants will be contacted with hunt access information and authorized permission prior to the start of the archery season.
  • Successful applicants may use any deer license valid in Hunting District 406.
  • All hunting will conform to the existing F&W Commission-established season structure in HD 406.