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Region 7 Block Management

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Block Management Contact:
  • Region 7 Block Management Program
  • 352 I-94 Business Loop
  • PO Box 1630
  • Miles City, MT 59301
  • (406) 234-0930

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You can order an access guide between June 1 and December 31. Guides will be shipped beginning mid August.

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Region 7 Maps

NOTE: The bridge is closed at Moorhead crossing the Powder River on Rough Creek Ranch, BMA #423. You cannot access the BLM campground via Moorhead Rd. The only access to the BLM campground is via East River Rd South.

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Plan your hunt using our statewide map displaying private and isolated public land enrolled in our Block Management Program.

2020 Statistics

Cooperators have enrolled 2,122,89 acres to form 260 Block Management Areas in Region 7.

2020 Summary

In 2020, there are 260 Block Management Areas (BMA’s) that provide access to 2,122,89 acres of private, state, and federal lands. Similar to other FWP Regions, Region 7 (R7) has Type 1 and Type 2 BMA’s, which give hunters flexibility in gaining permission. About one-third of Region 7 BMA’s are Type 1 and two-thirds are Type 2. In general, Type 1 BMA’s allow the hunter to administer their own permission, while Type 2 BMA’s require obtaining permission from the landowner or a representative. Regardless of permission type, please keep in mind that BMA’s are comprised wholly or partially of private lands. As a hunter you have the privilege to access these lands and your behavior will play an important role in the future of Montana’s hunting heritage. Good luck and be safe!

The Region 7 staff encourages hunters to share their experiences on specific BMA’s. Please return comment cards to sign-in boxes and/or mail in the self-addressed, postage paid comment cards. These comments are used to improve the program as well as to show your appreciation to cooperating landowners. Pictures from your hunt are also an effective way to share your experience and can be emailed to Along with comment cards, the pictures will be shared with the landowners to express your gratitude.