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Region 5 Block Management

Block Management Regions

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Block Management Contact:
  • Region 5 Block Management Program
  • 2300 Lake Elmo Drive
  • Billings, MT 59105
  • (406) 247-2940

Region 5 Hunting Access Guide

Order Guide

You can order the Hunter Access Guide between June 1 and December 31. Guides will be shipped beginning August 15th.

View Access Guide

The 2016 Hunting Access Guides and Regional Maps will be available for download (here) August 15, 2016.

Region 5 Block Management Area (BMA) Maps

The interactive mapping system will be available August 15th each year.

2016 Statistics

137 landowners have enrolled approximately 622,500 acres to form 115 Block Management Areas.

2016 Block Management Program

In 2016, there are 115 Block Management Areas (BMAs) that will provide access to approximately 622,500 acres of private, state, and federal lands. These areas offer opportunities to hunt whitetail and mule deer, antelope, elk, upland birds, and waterfowl. Most Block Management Areas in our Region are open September 1 through January 1. About one-half of our BMAs are Type I, where hunters administer their own permission, and half are Type II, where someone other than the hunter administers permission.

Beginning August 15, hunters may call (406) 247-2940 to request a Hunting Access Guide or specific BMA maps/rules. The Hunting Access Guide will include block management information for all 7 FWP administrative regions. This guide will show lands enrolled in Block Management, by Region, and give further instructions on securing maps and permission to hunt.

Lands enrolled in Block Management represent approximately 7% of the land base within Region 5. As such, there are many other hunting opportunities outside of the Program. These include non-enrolled private lands, federal lands (USFS and BLM), and state lands. Hunters are encouraged to utilize these opportunities and not focus solely on BMAs.

For Region 5 Block Management or other Fish, Wildlife & Parks information, please call (406) 247-2940.