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Region 1 Block Management

Region 1 Hunting Access Guide

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Block Management Regions

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Block Management Contact:
  • Region 1 Block Management Program
  • 490 North Meridian Road
  • Kalispell, MT 59901
  • (406) 752-5501

2015 Statistics

11 landowners have enrolled approximately 824,000 acres to form 16 Block Management Areas.

Region 1 Block Management Program

Region 1 is blessed with some of the finest Block Management areas in the state. We can proudly boast of nearly 824,000 acres of mountains, rivers, lakes and valleys. 

Region 1 Block Management Areas consist primarily of corporate timber lands through agreements with Plum Creek Timber, Stimson Lumber and Stoltze Land & Lumber Co.  Plum Creek lands make up nearly 98 percent of all our current Block Management lands and their open use policies make it easy for all sportsmen and women to use these lands. Plum Creek even has special areas set aside for hunters with disabilities.

Because of the large number of acres involved it would be very difficult to include maps with this publication. The best way to recognize Corporate Timber Lands is on the Flathead, Kootenai and Lolo National Forest Service maps. Plum Creek lands are coded on these maps by orange and pink for easy identification. Plum Creek Block Management lands are also posted at the main points of entry with signs identifying the area and explaining the regulations. Adherence to these regulations is the best way to ensure that these lands remain open for generations to come.  Stoltze maps are available at the Kalispell FWP office.

Remember, Block Management lands are private lands that are open to public use. They are available to us only as long as we treat these properties with respect and follow all rules and regulations.

Some of the regulations you will need to know before you go hunting are:

  • Motorized vehicles are permitted only on open, established roads.
  • Off-road vehicle use is prohibited.
  • A bermed road is a closed road.
  • Roads with gates are closed, whether the gate is open or closed, unless posted otherwise.
  • There is a 14-day camping limit.
  • Permits are required for firewood cutting.

And as always, remember that a State Lands Recreational Use permit is required if you plan to utilize state lands for activities other than hunting, fishing or trapping.

For a copy of these regulations or directions to "disabled only" hunting areas, visit your Region 1 Fish, Wildlife & Parks office at:

  • 490 North Meridian Road
  • Kalispell, Montana 59901
  • Phone: (406) 752-5501