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Sandhill Crane and Swan Hunter Surveys

Participate in these surveys. Your response will help maintain the next season hunting opportunities.

New License Year

Permit applications are now available. Applications are now available for resident and nonresident deer and elk permits. Apply online by March 15—it's the fast, convenient and accurate way to apply. Drawing results will be available end of April. [Learn more]

Nonresidents Preference Points

The Montana State Legislature passed a new law that establishes a preference point system to distribute "Class B-10" nonresident big game combination licenses and "Class B-11" nonresident deer combination licenses. [Learn more]

Nonresidents Deer & Elk Combination Licenses

Find out everything you need to know, as a nonresident, about the 2013 Deer & Elk Combination License. [Learn more]


Protect your Hunting Opportunities

Hunting season is a very exciting time for many Montanans, as well as out-of-state visitors who come to hunt in Montana. As you prepare for your hunting trip, make sure you have plenty of water to put your warming fire out completely. Vegetation is dry and wildland fires can still occur. Do your part to ensure you do not start a wildland fire. [Learn more].

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Living Up To Its Name

How controversial hunting regulations restored big bulls to the Elkhorn Mountains—Just a generation ago, a hunter would have been hard-pressed to find a mature male elk in the Elkhorn Mountains. For years, a hunter with a general elk license could legally shoot any antlered bull there. Few male elk survived the hunting season.
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Welcome to Montana Elk Hunting

Advice for residents and nonresidents on finding where to hunt, obtaining reliable information, and negotiating the licensing and permitting process—To a beginner—whether resident or nonresident—trying to learn about elk hunting in Montana can seem like entering a secret society.
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