Metadata for Montana State Parks Facilities (Polygon Features)
Identification Information:
Originator: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
Originator: GCS Research, LLC
Publication date: 01/18/2007
Title: Montana State Parks Facilities (Polygon Features)
Online linkage:

Features contained within this ESRI personal geodatabase feature class represent various geographic polygon features pertaining to Montana State Park lands. Feautes were created using various digital compilation and digitizing techniques from both digital and paper map sources. Although the spatial location of features can be considered relativley reliable, this information should not be used in the context of legal description and/or property ownership.
The data contained herein was used as reference information for the production of graphically-designed kiosk maps for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

Time period of content:
Beginning date: 02/2005
Ending date: 04/2006
Currentness reference: ground condition
Progress: Complete
Maintenance and update frequency: As needed
Access constraints: none
Use constraints:
Precision, accuracy and appropriate map scale varies greatly throughout this data as a result of the production method. Please contact Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks for specific information related to individual features.
Point of contact:
Lydia Bailey
GIS Manager
Montana Fish, Wildife & Parks
1420 East 6th Ave.
Helena, MT 59620-0701

Telephone: (406) 444-5365

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Data Quality Information:
Attribute accuracy report:
Attribute accuracy is based on information provided on hard-copy paper maps during three-phase digitizing process. All feature attributes included on paper maps are included.

Horizontal Positional Accuracy Report: none

Vertical positional accuracy report: none


Process step:
Digitized data from hard-copy paper maps using heads up and/or onscreen method. Features were typically located by visual observation of location from paper map and added to the feature class. Digitizing process occurred in three review stages, with the third and final review resulting in the placement of most features. This process was used for all linear, point and polygon features displayed on resulting Adobe Illustrator kiosk map layouts.
Process step:
Corrected attributes for polygon that overlaps Council Grove state park. Specifically, changed Park_Name from ELKHORN to COUNCIL GROVE and changed F_Type from "CAMA Property Boundaries" to "River".
Process date: 12/16/2009
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Spatial Data Organization Information:
Point and vector object information:
ESRI feature type: Polygon
ESRI feature count: 85
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Spatial Reference Information:
Horizontal coordinate system definition:
Projected coordinate system name: NAD_1983_StatePlane_Montana_FIPS_2500
Grid coordinate system name: State Plane Coordinate System
SPCS zone identifier: 2500
Lambert conformal conic:
Standard parallel: 45.000000
Standard parallel: 49.000000
Longitude of central meridian: -109.500000
Latitude of projection origin: 44.250000
False easting: 600000.000000
False northing: 0.000000
Planar distance units: meters
Geodetic model:
Horizontal datum name: North American Datum of 1983
Ellipsoid name: Geodetic Reference System 80
Semi-major axis: 6378137.000000
Denominator of flattening ratio: 298.257222
Altitude system definition:
Altitude resolution: 0.000010
Altitude encoding method:
Explicit elevation coordinate included with horizontal coordinates
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Entity and Attribute Information:
Entity type label:
Entity count: 85

Attribute label: FID
Attribute definition: Internal feature number.
Attribute domain:
Sequential unique whole numbers that are automatically generated.

Attribute label: SHAPE
Attribute alias: Shape
Attribute definition: Feature geometry.
Attribute domain: Coordinates defining the features.

Attribute label: F_Type
Attribute definition: Feature Type

Attribute label: Park_Name
Attribute definition: Montana State Park Name

Attribute label: SHAPE_Leng
Attribute definition: Length of feature in internal units.

Attribute label: SHAPE_Area
Attribute definition: Area of feature in internal units squared.
Attribute domain: Positive real numbers that are automatically generated.
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Distribution Information:
Lydia Bailey
GIS Manager
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
1420 East 6th Ave.
Helena, MT 59620-0701

Telephone: (406) 444-5365

Resource description: Downloadable Data

Standard order process:
Digital form:
Transfer size: 0.000
Online option:
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Metadata Reference Information:
Metadata date: 12/16/2009
Metadata contact:
Lydia Bailey
GIS Manager
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
1420 East 6th Ave.
Helena, MT 59620-0701

Telephone: (406) 444-5365

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