Metadata for Pronghorn Antelope Distribution in Montana
Identification Information:
Originator: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
Publication date: 08/12/2008
Title: Pronghorn Antelope Distribution in Montana
Publication place: Helena, MT
Publisher: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
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Browse graphic file description: Map of Antelope Distribution in Montana
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Abstract: General and winter distribution of Pronghorn Antelope.
Display and/or analysis of distribution of the species in Montana.

Time period of content:
Calendar date: 08/12/2008
Currentness reference: publication date
Progress: Complete
Maintenance and update frequency: Biennial
Access constraints: None
Use constraints:
These data represent general species distribution. At their most detailed, they depict species occurrence at a one square mile Section level. These data are based upon 1:100,000 scale Public Land Survey Section boundaries and are not intended to be used at finer scales. Due to this broad scale, these data are appropriate for general planning purposes or broad landscape review (e.g. watershed scale conservation planning). These data are not intended for planning and/or review of site-specific activities (e.g. reviewing subdivision proposals or energy development sites). For evaluating or reviewing site-specific applications Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) recommends contacting the appropriate FWP Regional office.

NOTE: Species distribution is not delineated within National Parks or Indian Reservations, as FWP does not have management authority in these areas.
Point of contact:
Lydia Bailey
GIS Manager
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
1420 E. 6th Ave
Helena, MT 59620-0701

Telephone: 406-444-5365

Data set credit: Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Biologists
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Data Quality Information:
Source information:
Originator: Montana State Library
Publication date: 03/24/1996
Montana Public Land Survey Lines from 1:100,000 scale BLM Maps
Online linkage:
Beginning date: 1975
Ending date: 1993

Process step:
Historical distribution prior to 2007 was converted to distribution based upon Public Land Survey Section (PLSS). This was done by selecting those sections that intersected the species Use Type of General distribution and coding them as General. If required, this process was repeated for Winter distribution. The resulting Sections were then dissolved on Use Type to remove interior boundaries.
Process date: 12/31/2007
Process step:
Resulting PLSS based distribution was reviewed by area biologists to ensure accuracy and update changes.
Process date: 01/01/2008
Process step:
Resulting edits from biologists were incorporated and reviewed.
Process date: 08/08/2008
Process step: Final edits incorporated.
Process date: 08/12/2008
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Spatial Data Organization Information:
Point and vector object information:
ESRI feature type: Polygon
ESRI feature count: 256
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Spatial Reference Information:
Horizontal coordinate system definition:
Projected coordinate system name: NAD_1983_StatePlane_Montana_FIPS_2500
Grid coordinate system name: State Plane Coordinate System 1983
SPCS zone identifier: 2500
Lambert conformal conic:
Standard parallel: 45.000000
Standard parallel: 49.000000
Longitude of central meridian: -109.500000
Latitude of projection origin: 44.250000
False easting: 600000.000000
False northing: 0.000000
Planar distance units: meters
Geodetic model:
Horizontal datum name: North American Datum of 1983
Ellipsoid name: Geodetic Reference System 80
Semi-major axis: 6378137.000000
Denominator of flattening ratio: 298.257222
Altitude system definition:
Altitude resolution: 0.000125
Altitude encoding method:
Explicit elevation coordinate included with horizontal coordinates
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Entity and Attribute Information:
Entity type label:
Entity count: 256

Attribute label: FID
Attribute definition: Internal feature number.
Attribute domain:
Sequential unique whole numbers that are automatically generated.

Attribute label: Shape
Attribute definition: Feature geometry.
Attribute domain: Coordinates defining the features.

Attribute label: UseType
Attribute definition:
USE TYPES: Note: Species occur in areas of suitable habitats within their overall distribution, however not all areas will have animals or sign at all times every year. The specific areas occupied may expand or contract through time as seasons, population levels and habitat conditions change.

Definition of
Attribute Value
G General Distribution - Depicts areas predictably occupied by this species for part or all of its year-long range.
GW Winter Distribution - Depicts areas where populations of this species tend to concentrate during the winter season, commonly December through April. These areas are also considered part of the General Distribution. NOTE: Not all populations concentrate on specific ranges during the winter season. In areas where no winter distribution is delineated animals depend upon and occur across their General Distribution area during the winter season, or they may occur in localized concentrations that can not be depicted at the scale of these maps. Keep in mind that weather extremes can have a large influence on winter distribution in any given year.

Attribute label: Shape_Area
Attribute definition: Area of feature in internal units squared.
Attribute domain: Positive real numbers that are automatically generated.

Attribute label: Shape_Leng
Attribute definition: Length of feature in internal units.
Attribute domain: Positive real numbers that are automatically generated.

Attribute label: OBJECTID
Attribute definition: Internal feature number.
Attribute domain:
Sequential unique whole numbers that are automatically generated.
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Distribution Information:
GIS Manager
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
1420 East 6th Ave
Helena, MT 59620-0701

Telephone: 406-444-5365

Resource description: Downloadable Data

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Format name: ESRI Shapefile
Transfer size: 0.000
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Metadata Reference Information:
Metadata date: 08/14/2008
Metadata contact:
Adam Messer
GIS Analyst
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
1420 E. 6th Ave
Helena, MT 59620-0701

Telephone: 406-444-0095

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