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Family Fishing Waters in Region 7

Miles City Area

For more information contact the Miles City office at 406-234-0900.

Spotted Eagle Reservoir

  • Location: Adjacent to Miles City.
  • Fish Species: black crappie, northern pike, smallmouth bass, walleye, the most abundant is the black crappie which can provide good fishing for kids
  • Helpful Hints: The reservoir is easy to reach by bicycle and kids can fish around the entire perimeter of the reservoir. The reservoir has been in place since 1961 and FWP has been improving the fish habitat over the last several years.

Baker Lake

  • Location: Pond located within the City of Baker. The lake has many locations to fish from shore and some docks are available which can be used by kids to fish.
  • Fish Species: northern pike, yellow perch, crappie, black bullheads
  • Helpful Hints: The lake's fish population is subject to winter kill due to a lack of oxygen and it takes the fish population a few growing seasons to recover. The winter of 2009-2010 resulted in winter kill so it may take some time for the fishery to recover.