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Family Fishing Waters in Region 4

Great Falls Area

Giant Springs Fishing Pond

  • Location: Small three-tenths of an acre pond located adjacent to the Lewis & Clark Nature Walk paved trail on the south shore of the Missouri River 0.15 miles upstream from the Giant Springs.
  • Fish Species: rainbow trout
  • Helpful Hints: Park at the parking lot at Giant Springs State Park by the fish hatchery and walk up, or take the trail down from the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center It's stocked annually with about 1000 pan-sized rainbows.

Wadsworth Reservoir

  • Location: Wadsworth Park and Reservoir is on the west side of Great Falls north of the Sun River.To reach the City of Great Falls’ Wadsworth Park and Pond, head west on Central Avenue over I-15, turn north on 34th St. NW, then turn west on Wilkinson Lane and follow it to the park.
  • Fish Species: trout, yellow perch, walleye, bass, white crappie may be introducted to improve fishing opportunities.
  • Helpful Hints: A fishing dock was installed by the Great Falls Chapter of Walleyes Unlimted and the City of Great Falls. It's stocked annually with pan-sized rainbows and every other year with walleye fingerlings.

Helena Area

Spring Meadow Pond

  • Location: State Park on Montana highway 12 just west of Helena
  • Fish Species: trout and bass
  • Helpful Hints: Spring Meadow is a popular and safe environment for young anglers. The surrounding park invites family afternoons of swimming, sunbathing, scuba diving, bird watching and more. An easy nature trail circles the lake and boasts a view of Mount Helena.

Lewistown Area

Elks Country Club Pond

  • Special Regulations: Open to fishing anglers 14 years old or younger. One rod per child.
  • Location: A small, 1-acre pond located on Pine Meadows Country Club, which is owned by the Elks Club. The pond is half mile behind the pro shop.
  • Fish Species: rainbow trout
  • Helpful Hints: Kid's have to stop first at the country club's pro shop to get directions and permission.