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Fishing Access Site

Site Detail

Prewett Creek

Prewett Creek

null on the Missouri River

Site Facts

  • Open:Jan 1 - Dec 31
  • Size: 30 acres
  • Elevation: 3383 ft

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Limited access for trailers and RV's.

Prewett Creek is located on the Missouri River 2179 miles from the mouthPrewett Creek is the next access site upstream from Prewett Creek. 



7 miles south of Cascade, take Hardy Creek Exit 247 off I-15, then 2.5 miles south on Recreation Rd.
(Lat 47.171288 , Lng -111.82704 )

Restrictions & Closures

Restrictions & Closures

Stay Limit

Maximum stay of 7 days allowed.

Vehicle Length

Data not available.