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Fishing Access Site

Site Detail

Lichen Cliff

Lichen Cliff

null on Little Prickly Pear Creek

Site Facts

  • Open:Jan 1 - Dec 31
  • Size: 1 acres
  • Elevation: 3740 ft

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No boat access. This creek is very shallow and not accessible for boats of any kind.

Lichen Cliff is located on Little Prickly Pear Creek 10 miles from the mouth on the right hand side as you face downstream.  Prickly Pear is the next access site upstream from Lichen Cliff.  Lichen Cliff is the last access site along Little Prickly Pear Creek maintained by FWP. Lichen Cliff is one of 2 FWP managed sites on Little Prickly Pear Creek. 



Take Wolf Creek Exit 226 off I-15, then 6 miles south on Recreation Rd.
(Lat 46.93877 , Lng -112.12172 )

Restrictions & Closures

Restrictions & Closures

Stay Limit

Maximum stay of 7 days allowed.

Vehicle Length

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