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Fishing Access Site

Site Detail

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Fishing Access Site on the Jefferson River

Site Facts

  • Open:Jan 1 - Dec 31
  • Size: 107 acres
  • Elevation: 4245 ft

Limespur Fishing Access Site is located on the Jefferson River 29 miles from the mouth on the left hand side as you face downstream.  Lewis & Clark Caverns is the next access site upstream from Limespur. 



17 miles west of Three Forks on Hwy 2, across from Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park.
(Lat 45.823 , Lng -111.875 )

Restrictions & Closures

Restrictions & Closures

Stage I Fire Restriction

Stage I Fire Restrictions

Weapons Restriction

Hunting weapons restricted - rifles prohibited

Vehicle Length

Trailer Length is 20 ft.

Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife Viewing

These locations represent physical occurrences (visually confirmed) within the boundaries of the site. Many more species may be present in the area which are not listed because we do not have a visually confirmed record. If you would like to report a species sighting, a form is available .

Abundance Code Definitions

  • Common Common Abundance
  • UncommonUncommon Abundance
  • RareRare Abundance
  • IncidentalIncidental Occurrence
  • Historic OccurrenceHistoric Occurrence
  • Unknown AbundanceAbundance Unknown