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Fishing Access Site

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Fishing Access Site on the Shields River

Site Facts

  • Open:Jan 1 - Dec 31
  • Size: 1 acres
  • Elevation: 4462 ft

Important Notice

Hunting and/or discharge of weapons prohibited.

On the Shields River East of Highway 89

CAUTION: Due to April 26, 2013 fire, the site is open, but extreme caution is recommended due to the potentially hazardous trees located on the DNRC property adjacent to the site.

Grannis Fishing Access Site is located on the Shields River 3 miles from the mouth on the right hand side as you face downstream. 



Grannis fishing access site is located Northeast of Livingston on the Shields River, just east of Highway 89 and 4 miles North of Interstate 90.
(Lat 45.75 , Lng -110.493 )

Restrictions & Closures

Restrictions & Closures

Weapons Restriction

Hunting and/or discharge of weapons prohibited.

Vehicle Length

Data not available.