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Fishing Regulations

How to Navigate Montana Fishing Regulations

  1. Determine the fishing district you will be in and read the standard regulations that apply to all waters in the District.
  2. Check if the specific water you will be fishing is listed in the district's exceptions to standard regulations (these are listed alphabetically for each district). If the water you plan to fish is identified, the exceptions take the place of the standard regulations for those items listed (i.e. season, daily limits, etc.). If not listed, the district standard regulations apply.

The FWP Commission may formally adopt changes to these fishing regulations, including emergency regulations/closures. Any changes to these regulations for the 2011 season will appear in an addendum sheet available at all Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) offices and from FWP license agents, on the FWP Web Page and in subsequent printings of the regulation booklet. Emergency regulations or closures are posted at access sites. Anglers must obtain an addendum sheet to make sure they are in compliance with current fishing regulations.

Corrections to printed 2015 Fishing regulations

Page 60


Hauser Reservoir walleye: 12 daily, only 1 over 25 inches.


Hauser Reservoir walleye: 20 daily, only 1 over 25 inches.

2015 Fishing Regulations

eBook Version

Complete Version

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Fishing Definitions

Pages 16–18

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License Fees, Requirements, and other Laws

Pages 4–15

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Approved Out-of-State Leech Dealers


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Western District General Information

Pages 19–44

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Western District Standard Daily and Possession Limits

Page 17

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Bull Trout Fishing Regulations


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Central District General Information

Pages 45–72

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Central District Standard Daily and Possession Limits

Page 51

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Eastern District General Information

Pages 73–86

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Eastern District Standard Daily and Possession Limits

Page 82

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Paddlefish Regulations


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2015 General Fishing Season

Rivers & Streams
Lakes & Reservoirs

Western District

Open third Satruday in May through November 30, unless otherwise specified in Exceptions to Standard Regulations.

Open all year

Central District

Eastern District

Open all year

  • Fishing is allowed at all hours during open fishing seasons unless otherwise specified in District Exceptions to Standard Regulations.
  • Fishing regulations valid March 1, 2015 through February 29, 2016.