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Fish Stocking Plans & Reports

Fish Stocking Plans

Prior to spring of each year, the annual Stocking Plan for that year is determined. The Stocking Plan delineates what waters will be stocked; the numbers, lengths, species and strain that will be stocked; and the hatchery that will supply the fish.

Click the link below to see the Stocking Six year Plan:

Fish Stocking Data

A summary of the fish stocking that occurs each year is assembled into a page searchable by waterbody. For each water stocked, the Stocking Report lists the numbers, lengths and species of fish that have been stocked during the year.

Click the link below to search the Waterbody Stocking data:


FWP owns or operates ten hatcheries annually stock approximately 50 million fish annually into approximately 836 lakes and reservoirs and approximately 23 rivers or streams throughout Montana. FWP’s hatcheries provide eggs and fish to support both sport fisheries and native fish restoration programs in Montana and neighboring states. [Find a Hatchery]