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Annual Fishing Newsletter

Hello fellow Montana anglers. Here again, The Fisheries Division proudly presents the annual Fishing Newsletter as a way to share with anglers the actions Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) takes to protect and enhance our fishery resources and fishing opportunities throughout the state. There are waters to please many different types of angling interests, from cold water to warm water, big prairie rivers to high mountain lakes, and fly-fishing to trolling. There are places where you can get away from the crowds, others where you can harvest fish, and yet other places to pursue the trophy of a lifetime. Many of these quality opportunities can be attributed to the quality of the fisheries habitat in Montana. Still, there are numerous challenges facing Montana's fisheries including climate change, habitat alteration, and dewatering of streams. FWP is tasked with managing the state's fishery resources and addressing these challenges.

As usual, the articles in this newsletter share just a glimpse into some of the fisheries management and other projects that FWP worked on in 2015. It begins with a summary of fisheries management highlights from each of our seven administrative regions. This is followed by a description of the activities within the past year in our important Aquatic Invasive Species Program and at each of our 12 fish hatchery facilities within the state. Then it's topped with highlights in the Fishing Access Sites Program throughout Montana's three Fishing Districts.

Finally, let's hope for a good water year in 2016 ... because good river and stream water flows and good lake and reservoir levels make good fishing! Until next year, you can support our Montana fisheries by purchasing a fishing license, going fishing, and best of all...take a kid or non-angling adult fishing with you!

2016 Annual Fishing Newsletter

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2016 Annual Fishing Newsletter

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