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Fishing Applications

Fishing License Applications

2014 Miscellaneous Licenses Application—mail-in application is not available for residents.

Residents must purchase the conservation license, fishing, and most general hunting licenses at an FWP office, FWP License Provider, or online.

2014 Nonresident Miscellaneous Licenses Application

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The Nonresident Miscellaneous License Application contains nonresident conservation, 2-day fishing, 10-day fishing, season fishing, upland game bird, general turkey, spring/fall black bear, bow & arrow license, archery and hunting access enhancement fee.

License Information

The information below will help explain fees for fishing licenses and exemptions.

Resident & Nonresident Fishing License Fees

This section of the Fishing Regulations defines the fees associated with each type of license for residents and nonresidents.

Resident and Nonresident Fishing License Fees 34 KB

Educational License Exemptions

Fishing license exemptions are available to qualified educational events and fishing clinics. [Learn more]

Special Fishing License and Permit Applications

2014 Bull Trout Permit Application

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Montana has regulated and experimental bull trout angling season. [Learn more]

2014 Paddlefish License

All anglers must purchase a paddlefish tag to fish for paddlefish. You can purchase tags at any FWP office or at license providers located near the waterbody you'll be fishing in.

Fishing Contests

Fishing Contest Application and Information

A fishing contest permit is required for any event, contest, derby, or tournament where an entry fee is charged or where people may win prizes for catching fish in Montana.

Fishing Contest Application 92 KB | Fishing Contest Application 141 KB

Reference Guide: Fishing Contest Permits

Reference Guide: Fishing Contest Permits 27 KB

Fishing Contest Report Form

Fishing Contest Application 31 KB | Fishing Contest Application 21 KB
               A report form is required 30 days after contest

Person With Disabilities Applications

2014 Resident with a Disability Conservation License Application—Residents only. [Learn more]

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Resident Lifetime Fishing License for the Blind Application [Learn more]

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Fish Related Licenses, Permits, and Information

Commercial Aquatic

Commercial Fishing Ponds Application

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To sell live fish from a permitted fish pond the pond owner is required to apply for a Commercial Fish Pond License. [Learn more]

Commercial Bait Seining Application

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Reporting Form - New for 2014! Bait seining license holders are required to provide a report of their collections in 2014 by the end of the year. Failure to provide a report means that any application to collect bait in 2015 or beyond will be denied.

Commercial Bait Seining Reporting Form Word icon and link 76 KB

Commercial Whitefish Application

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Ponds & Streams

Import Permit Application

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All importations of live fish or fish eggs for introduction into any private or public pond, stream, lake, or other water in Montana, or fish transported through Montana, must be accompanied by a permit issued by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.

Private Fish Ponds Application

Fishing Contest Application 161 KB | Fishing Contest Application 93 KB

Private Fish Pond Transfer Application

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A person who owns or lawfully controls a private fish pond may obtain a license from FWP to stock the pond with fish. Koi ponds must be registered with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. [Learn more]

List of approved fish hatcheries (aka commercial fish ponds) for purchasing fish for private ponds.

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Stream Permitting

If you are planning to do work on or near a waterway in Montana, one or several permits may be required. Refer to the Stream Permitting page for information about permits, guidelines, and maps. [Learn more]

Scientific Aquatic

Aquatic Scientific Collectors Permit Application

Fishing Contest Application 92 KB | Fishing Contest Application 141 KB

Reporting Form - An annual report describing the results must be submitted to the Department by December 31 of the year issued. Beginning in 2012, Scientific Collector's Permit holders have been required to provide fish measurements and metadata relating to the sampling.

Electrofishing Form Excel icon and link 18 K
Netting Form Excel icon and link 17 KB

Aquatic Scientific Collector Permits are required for any learning institution, government agencies, or individual in order to take, kill, capture possess any fish or aquatic animals in Montana.