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Montana Fishing Guide


The Montana Fishing Guide will be periodically unavailable Tuesday, April 12. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Changes are coming ...

On June 30 you’ll see a new look here! We’re redesigning our fish information with you in mind and will be launching an enhanced, comprehensive, and user friendly way to access all our information in one place! Over the next few months you will see additional changes and enhancements.

Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake

Welcome to the Montana Fishing Guide. This guide is easy to use and will help you find lots of great places to go fishing. The guide includes angling and recreation information on hundreds of fishable waters, but not all streams, lakes and ponds with good fishing are included so you may still want to talk to your favorite fishing shop (or fishing buddy) for more ideas. And before you go fishing on any Montana waters, you should always check the Montana fishing regulations or boating regulations for additional important information. So, take a few minutes to browse this site and see how easy it is to find information on fish distribution, fishing access sites, maps and much more. You might get hooked!

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