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June 2011 Activities Gallery

Notice: Yellowstone River Oil Spill

Due to the oil spill on the Yellowstone River, a significant number of watercraft are coming into the area from AIS infested states to assist with the clean-up. The FWP AIS program will be diverting regularly scheduled region 5 check stations to inspect and decontaminate these incoming watercraft starting on July 14, 2011. The higher threat of AIS introduction of these watercraft warrant this diversion.

June 2011

Tongue River Reservoir

Tongue River Reservoir Watercraft Inspection Station - nice weather prompted a lot of boaters to finally get out. A busy weekend with close to 150 boats checked and some other FWP activities going on as well.

Savage Montana

Savage Fire Dept Cat Tournament Watercraft Inspection Station - not a lot of boater traffic, but the majority of tournament boaters were checked despite some confusion as to where the check station was supposed to be set up on the part of the check station technician.

Clark Canyon Reservoir

Watercraft Inspection Station at Clark Canyon Reservoir - cool, rainy and windy conditions resulted in few boaters for Father's Day weekend. However, multiple out-of-state boats were checked. There were question expressed by boaters as to why they need to stop at both border check stations and check stations at boat ramps. If a boat is checked at a border check station and does not launch in any water body, it does not need to be re-checked. The MT AIS program is currently working on a method of tagging to prevent this confusion. However, until a tagging method is developed, it is best to stop at each check station and inform the operator of these facts so that they can expedite these boats through the station.


Canyon Ferry Reservoir

Watercraft Inspection Station at Clark Canyon Reservoir - watercraft Inspection Station at Canyon Ferry Reservoir: The weather cleared up Saturday for Catch Fishing Fever! Day at the Silos boat ramp on Canyon Ferry Reservoir. About 200 kids were excited to learn about AIS and have their boats checked while they spent a day on the lake learning about fishing.


Catch Fishing Fever Day

The Upper Missouri River Chapter Walleyes Unlimited of Montana (UMRC) held its second annual Catch Fishing Fever! Day. Catch Fishing Fever! is designed to provide the whole fishing experience for up to 100 students K through 8 with hands on rod/reel set up, knot tying and casting techniques. It includes a fish identification session hosted by Fish, Wildlife & Parks, boat and water safety hosted by the Coast Guard Auxiliary and fishing from shore and boats that are provided by our members. Each student receives a T-shirt, rod and reel, tackle box with fishing tackle and lunch.