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Tagged Fish

Biologists use information from tagged fish for a wide range of information. Tagged fish can help track seasonal movements of fish, habitat use, growth, angler harvest rates, among other things. Using fish tags are also a relatively inexpensive way to learn more about our fisheries. Anglers are encouraged to submit the catch information for any tagged fish that they catch. In some cases a fish may be tagged with a reward tag, which might cover the expenses for your fishing trip!

If you catch a tagged fish, please report the following information to any Fish, Wildlife & Parks office:

  • the tag's number and color;
  • the date the fish was caught;
  • the species of the fish;
  • the fish's length and weight (close as possible);
  • location of the catch (the body of water and distance from nearest landmark);
  • if the fish was kept or released; and
  • the name and address of the angler.