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Commercial Use on WMAs

In 2006, the FWP Commission adopted rules governing commercial use on WMAs. Criteria were defined to ensure that any commercial use authorized at a WMA is consistent with the management objectives of the site and the public's use of the site.

Commercial use means any person, group or organization that makes or attempts to make a profit, vend a service or product, receive money, amortize equipment, or obtain goods or services as compensation from participants in activities occuring on FWP land. This includes nonprofit organizations and educational groups that receive money from participants in activities occuring on department land.

Examples of commercial use that are governed by these rules include but are not limited to:

  • trail rides
  • float trips
  • guided walks or tours
  • guided angling or hunting
  • game retrieval
  • professional dog training
  • equipment rentals
  • retail sales
  • food concessions
  • filming
  • firewood cutting
  • construction-related activities
  • research when accompanied by paying clients
  • any combination thereof

Commercial Use Permit


Before commercial use may occur on a WMA, a Commercial Use Permit must be obtained. Complete the permit and send to the FWP regional office in which the WMA is located. Generally, at least 90-days advance notice is required.

Environmental Analysis


FWP may require additional environmental analysis when considering a request to conduct commercial use of a type that is not listed above. FWP may assess the applicant an additional fee to cover the cost of conducting the environmental anaylsis. A novel commercial activity proposed at a WMA will likely require a separate environmental assessment before FWP will authorize or deny a permit application.