Freezeout Lake

Wildlife Management Area

...A prairie jewel preserved for those whose hearts are stirred by whistling wings, wind, and water.

Freezout Lake WMA has, through the years, become one of the most spectacular waterfowl viewing areas in Montana, if not the entire northern Great Plains. Snow geese, tundra swans, and other migratory birds come to Freezout Lake to feed in the harvest fields of malting barley that surround the WMA and to rest in the ideal surroundings.

In early spring the WMA is getting crowded with wildlife viewers and photographers coming too see the thousands of birds, on the many ponds. The snow geese numbers are expected to rise to nearly 100,000 in late March or early April. Due to severe winter conditions in the area, their arrival may be a little late this year.

Flyin and Flyout times

These are the APPROXIMATE times the snow geese fly in and out. Many conditions can affect these times.

  • 1st flyout - at sunrise, the lighting is the best at this time
  • 1st flyin - late morning, around 10:00 or 11:00
  • 2nd flyout - mid to late afternoon, around 4:00 or 5:00
  • 2nd flyin - around dark

Guide and Map

This guide presents a checklist of 227 species with each bird's status, seasonal abundance, and average date of first appearance. Also, a map of the area, annotated to show good spots for observation and species likely to be seen, is included. Additional information describing seasonal birding highlights is included as are some tips that may prove helpful.

Birding at Freezout Lake 885 KB


If you need an update about bird counts or condition at the WMA you may call their hotline 24 hours a day: (406) 467-2646.

Bird Identification

The guide above lists over 200 species you may find at Freezout Lake throughout the year. If you need help identifying any birds you have seen or want to see, you can use the Montana Field Guide to get plenty of information about each species.