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Goals of the Nongame Wildlife Program

Keep common species common

Inventory and monitoring of all species can help us detect population declines early, before they progress to the point where drastic action is needed. Detecting and reversing population declines while species are healthy is much more effective and cheaper than waiting until they are in trouble before taking action.

Reverse population declines for Species of Concern

Reverse population declines for Species of Concern. This work focuses on species of special concern, which are either known to be rare or declining - or perceived to be rare or declining due to a lack of basic biological information. The Species of Concern designation imparts no special legal or regulatory status for these species. The primary purpose is to help prioritize limited resources to provide the greatest return for the time and funding invested. Conservation planning can identify strategies to protect important habitats and other actions that can be taken to reverse population declines before Federal ESA listing is needed, preventing the need for burdensome regulations and restrictions. Much of this information can be found in the updated State Wildlife Action Plan developed to guide conservation of nongame species in Montana.

Foster awareness and enhance public knowledge

Foster awareness and enhance public knowledge and enjoyment of all wildlife through outreach, technical assistance, and citizen science.

Fish, Wildlife & Parks has a mandate to manage all wildlife species, not just those that are harvested. While hunters and anglers contribute license revenue towards the management of game species and fish, no license is required for wildlife viewing, photography, or bird feeding. The new State Wildlife Grants (SWG) provide federal funding that is targeted towards species that have little or no funding under traditional wildlife programs. Nongame Wildlife Checkoff contributions provide an important source of the required nonfederal match for using these funds. Nongame Wildlife Checkoff contributions will provide an important source of funding for community-based projects such as Montana Nature and Birding Trails. Your contributions to the Nongame Wildlife Checkoff will help FWP serve Montana and its wildlife by allowing us to manage these important species for the enjoyment of all.