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Final Wolf Management & Conservation EIS

Final Wolf Conservation EIS

Cover Letter

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Table of Contents

Includes table of contents, lists of tables, and lists of figures.

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Chapter 1: Project Overview and Summary

Introduction, purpose and need, benefits of the proposed action, and public involvement process.

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Chapter 2: Affected Environment

A review of the gray wolf in Montana, social and cultural values, land management, economics/livelihoods, recreational and social values, and human safety.

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Chapter 3: Alternatives, Including the Preferred

Describes 5 alternatives and outlines how each alternative addresses issues identified by the public. FWP's preferred alternative is also described.

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Chapter 4: Environmental Consequences

Compares the predicted environmental consequences for each of the five alternatives.

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Preparers, Agencies, or Individuals Who Were Consulted or Contributed Towards the Preparation of the Final EIS and the Public Involvement Process

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Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

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Appendix 1

Montana Wolf Conservation and Management Planning Document.

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Appendix 2

Species of Concern in Montana

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Appendix 3

Noxious Weeds of Montana

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Appendix 4

Sources of Written and Oral Comments on the Draft EIS, March/April/May 2003. Please send an e-mail to request a copy of this Appendix.


Appendix 5

FWP Responses to Public Comments and Representative Comments

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