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Greater Sage-grouse Management Plan

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks worked with conservation and science partners to develop the Management Plan and Conservation Strategy for Sage Grouse in Montana – Final in 2005. The plan describes the desired conditions for sage-grouse habitat, and identifies risks confronting habitat and sage-grouse populations based on the best available information at the time. Emerging science, especially related to energy development, was used in conjunction with the Management Plan in the development of the Montana Sage-grouse Habitat Conservation Program in 2014. While the new program establishes a regulatory framework for activities in sage-grouse habitat, the management plan remains the most comprehensive document on sage-grouse population dynamics and habitat requirements in Montana.

  • It is the result of more than two years of research and deliberation by the Montana Sage Grouse Work Group, which included a wide and diverse spectrum of Montanans.
  • It responds to concerns about the loss of sagebrush habitat and declines in sage grouse numbers in the state.
  • It includes conservation objectives for both sagebrush habitat and sage grouse populations.
  • It provides guidelines and tools for assessing different habitats to obtain standardized results which will be useful in protecting, improving, and restoring habitat.
  • It provides a framework for establishing local groups of diverse stakeholders to adapt the plan to their respective geographical areas.

Plan Goal

To provide for the long-term conservation and enhancement of sagebrush steppe/mixed grass prairie complex within Montana in a manner that supports sage-grouse and a healthy diversity and abundance of wildlife species and human resources.


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