Habitat Conservation Advisory Council

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Governor Bullock established the Greater Sage-grouse Habitat Conservation Advisory Council by Executive Order (2-2013) on February 2, 2013; the council has concluded its work. The purpose of the Council was to “to gather information, furnish advice, and provide to the Governor recommendations on policies and actions for a state-wide strategy to preclude the need to list the Greater Sage-grouse under the ESA, by no later than January 31, 2014.” The Council was co-chaired by FWP Director, Jeff Hagener, and the Governor’s Natural Resources Policy Advisor, Tim Baker. Council members included representatives from agriculture and ranching, conservation and sportsmen, energy, mining and power transmission, tribal government, local government, and the legislature. The Council submitted their final recommendations to Governor Bullock on January 29, 2014. These recommendations provided the basis for the Montana Sage-grouse Habitat Conservation Program

2013 Meeting Schedule

Presentations and documents provided to the Advisory Council can be downloaded by clicking on meeting materials below.



Meeting Materials

May 21–23

Establish Need, Objectives, Background

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June 11–12

Transmission, Infrastructure, Wind

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June 25–26

Oil, Gas, Mining

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July 16–17

Surface disturbance, fire and invasive species

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July 30–31

Agricultural Conversion, Working Lands

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August 13–14


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September 4–5

Adaptive Management, Implementation, Compliance Monitoring, Reporting

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September 24–25

Review Draft Recommendations

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October 8–9

Finalize Draft Recommendations for Public Comment

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January 14–15

Final Recommendations 

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