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Grizzly Bear Management Plan for SW Montana

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Grizzly Bear Management Final (2013) Plan for SW Montana

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Description of the Management Area and Summary of Grizzly Bear Biology


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Alternatives Considered and Issues Identified


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Preparers, glossary, literature cited, list of appendices

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Appendix A

Memorandum of Understanding between Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and US Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Wildlife Services regarding cooperative wildlife damage control program for grizzly bears, gray wolves, black bears, and mountain lions in the state of Montana

Appendix A Pages 1–9

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Appendix B

Bee Bear Policy Guidelines for Black Bears

Appendix B Pages 1–9

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Appendix C

Memorandum of Agreement for cooperative law enforcement between the US Fish and Wildlife Service and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks

Appendix C Pages 1–11

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Appendix D

Summary of public comments on draft plan and FWP response to the comments.

Appendix D Pages 1–20

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