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Grizzly Bear Advisory Council

Photo of grizzly bear

Grizzly bear management in Montana is complex. While they are at recovery levels in the Greater Yellowstone (GYE) and Norther Continental Divide Ecosystems (NCDE), they have yet to reach recovery goals in the Bitterroot and Cabinet-Yaak Recovery Zones. In places where bear numbers are on the rise, they are dispersing into places they haven’t been for decades, sometimes causing conflicts with people and communities. The council will consider these changes and challenges and will help make recommendations for grizzly bear management and conservation in Montana.

The Grizzly Bear Advisory Council will be comprised of a broad cross section of Montanans with a diversity of views on grizzly bear management, conservation, and recovery. The Council will be tasked with considering broad strategic objectives, such as:

  • Maintaining and enhancing human safety
  • Ensuring a healthy and sustainable grizzly bear population
  • Improving timely and effective response to conflicts involving grizzly bears
  • Engaging all partners in grizzly-related outreach and conflict prevention
  • Improving intergovernmental, interagency, and tribal coordination
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Frequently Asked Questions
Application Process

To apply to be a member of the Grizzly Bear Advisory Council, you will need to fill out the Application Form and the Supplemental Questions found below. Both documents can be emailed to Stacy Otterstrom in the Governor’s office at

The deadline for submitting these two documents is April 12, 2019.

The application materials can also be found at