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Upper Missouri River Management Plan

Final Upper Missouri River Fisheries Management Plan

Complete Version

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Cover, Title Page, Table of Contents

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Executive Summary and Plan Implementation

Pages E-1 to E-13 (PDF icon 138 KB)

Section 1: Management Plan Area

Pages 1–14 (PDF icon 202 KB)

Section 2: Missouri River

Pages 15–18 (PDF icon 32 KB)

Toston Dam to Canyon Ferry Reservoir

Section 3: Canyon Ferry Reservoir

Pages 20–40 (PDF icon 140 KB)

Section 4: Hauser Reservoir

Pages 41–56 (PDF icon 117 KB)

Section 5: Missouri River - Hauser Tailwater

Pages 57–64 (PDF icon 52 KB)

Hauser Dam to Holter Reservoir

Section 6: Holter Reservoir

Pages 64–78 (PDF icon 104 KB)

Section 7: References

Page 79 (PDF icon 14 KB)


Pages A-1 to D-3 (PDF icon 344 KB)