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Region 2 Bitterroot Elk Working Group

The purpose of the Bitterroot Elk Working Group to input on elk management in the Bitterroot Watershed. The Group seeks to find common ground among hunting, business, outfitting, agency and landowner interests, and to address challenges related to elk numbers, hunting opportunities, game damage, calf survival, habitat loss, predation and other issues. The Group was formed in 2005 to help develop local objectives for the Statewide Elk Management Plan and has been active ever since. Accomplishments on its watch include the Elk Plan, an amendment of the Elk Plan to include a sub-objective for HD 270, the aggressive restriction of antlerless and antlered hunting seasons in response to low calf survival, the Bitterroot Elk Study, increased harvest pressure on black bear and lion, the wolf 10j application for the West Fork, and a special game damage hunt upcoming in HD 204.