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Bitterroot Elk Research Project
  • Elk telemetry

    Photo of telemetry

    Group of elk being radio-tracked from an airplane in the East Fork of the Bitterroot.

  • Elk calf capture

    Photo of a Juvenile Great Horned Owl

    Montana University Professor Mark Hebblewhite, records measurements from a 4-day-old elk calf. Calves were outfitted with eartags containing a VHF transmitter and mortality sensor.

  • Calf ear tag transmitter

    Photo of a Short Eared Owl

    VHF eartags were affixed to calves ears to allow researchers to track calves throughout the first year of life and record movement and survival data.

  • Elk calf capture

    Photo of a Nestling Great Horned Owl

    FWP Bitterroot Area Biologist Craig Jourdonnais checks the eartag of a calf before release.

  • Newborn elk calf

    Photo of a Golden Eagle

    Neonatal calf captured in June 2011 in the West Fork of the Bitterrooot.

  • Radio-collared elk

    Photo of a bobca kitten

    Radio-collared adult female elk in the West Fork of the Bitterroot.

  • Elk calf

    Photo of a Young Red Fox

    An elk calf wearing a radio-eartag.

  • Helicopter assisted elk capture

    Photo of a Prairie Falcon

    FWP Wildlife Biologist Kelly Proffitt boards the helicopter during the February 2011 elk capture.

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Project Title

Bitterroot Elk Research Project