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Elk Management Guidelines for Areas with Brucellosis Working Group

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Working Group Charter

The charter of this working group will be to collaboratively identify a problem statement, fundamental objectives and potential management options relative to effective management of elk in areas where brucellosis has been identified and where there is concern about brucellosis transmission between livestock and elk. The working group will be diverse and include both wildlife and livestock perspectives, advocacies and concerns. Any consensus products representing proposed guidelines for effective elk management in areas with brucellosis would be directed to the FWP Director and Fish & Wildlife Commission for their consideration and potential endorsement. The Fish & Wildlife Commission represents final decision authority and is not obligated to any endorsement.






July 8, 2014

8:30 AM–4:00 PM

Region 3 Headquarters, 1400 South 19th, Bozeman

Helpful Links


Wyoming Game & Fish Department

You can find links to the WGFD's brucellosis management action plans, as well as a summary of the test and slaughter pilot project on the Wyoming Game & Fish website External link icon and link.

Brucellosis in Wyoming

The Wyoming brucellosis coordination team website has meeting minutes and a copy of their final report of recommendations to the government on their website .

Greater Yellowstone Science Learning Center

Find reports and papers about the bison population on their website External link icon and link.


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