Conservation and Management for the Common Loon

photo of a common loon

Common loons are a species of concern in Montana. They primarily breed in the northwest corner of the state. The first management plan for common loons was completed in 1990. Since then several research projects across the country and in Montana were completed to help improve conservation and management strategies.

The Conservation Plan below was prepared in cooperation with the Montana Common Loon Working Group to incorporate past and current research and provide more informed conservation and management objectives. The plan includes chapters on population management, habitat management, disturbance, research, information and education, and coordination. The plan also includes numerous appendices that will assist biologists and managers with on the ground conservation and management of common loons.

Conservation Plan for the Common Loon in Montana

Full Plan

Pages 1–122

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Plan without Appendices

Pages 1-41

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Appendix A: Lake/Territory List with Classification and Area Coordinators

Pages 42-53

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Appendix B: Best Management Practices for Common Loon Habitat

Pages 54-63

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Appendix C: Lake/Site Specific Common Loon Management Plan

Pages 64-80

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Appendix D: Band Recoveries and Observations

Pages 81-83

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Appendix E: Common Loon Surveys

Pages 84-93

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Appendix F: The Use of Signs: An Essential Common Loon Management Tool

Pages 94-99

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Appendix G: The Use of Artificial Nest Platforms

Pages 100-107

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Appendix H: Information and Education

Pages 108-116

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Appendix I: Handling of Live Common Loons and Specimens

Pages 117-119

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Appendix J: Loon Ranger Training and Responsibilities

Pages 120-122

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