Bison Conservation & Management


Bison are the largest terrestrial mammal in North America. Their large, low-hanging heads allow them to gather low-growing vegetation, even in the snow, and their thick fur insulates them from extreme environmental conditions. Their sharp horns aid in self-defense. These unique physical characteristics that cause bison to be easily recognized also play an important role in their historical success.

Opportunity for Public Comment

The public comment period for the DRAFT statewide EIS has passed. The deadline was September 11, 2015.

Statewide Bison Management Plan EIS Public Scoping

FWP began a public scoping process in 2012 by holding eight open houses across the state. FWP followed these open houses with the formation of a stakeholder group to discuss a framework for an EIS. Learn More

FWP, Fort Peck & Fort Belknap Reservations Bison MOUs

Bison Quarantine Program

The animals are part of the Bison Quarantine Feasibility Study (QFS), the research project that began in 2004 directed by FWP and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service to produce bison free of brucellosis.

Interagency Bison Management Plan