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Monitoring and Research


Great Blue Heron

Monitoring is a valuable tool for assessing the effects of conservation action on bird populations. Effective monitoring programs consist of:

  1. an accurate assessment of current bird population status, and
  2. evaluation of habitat and management changes and their effects on bird populations.

We support a regional approach to bird population and habitat monitoring. Our current bird monitoring strategy has several components based on species groups and related effective monitoring techniques.

Landbirds (songbirds and raptors)

Integrated monitoring by Bird Conservation Region

Partners include USFS, BLM, Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory, Montana Natural Heritage Program, Northern Great Plains Joint Venture, Intermountain West Joint Venture, Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative and others.

Roadside Breeding Raptor Survey

For information, contact Catherine Wightman.


Breeding Population Survey

For information, contact Jim Hansen.

Mid-winter Waterfowl Surveys

For information, contact Jim Hansen.