Montana's Bird Conservation Program

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Program Components

Habitat Conservation

American Redstart photo

FWP is working with partners to identify areas in need of conservation and provide tools to help landowners and managers enhance and maintain bird habitat. Learn more


Ferruginous Hawk photo

FWP is reaching out to the public to generate support and action for bird conservation in Montana. Learn more

Keeping Common Birds Common

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks' bird conservation program is dedicated to conserving populations and habitats of all birds. Our mission is to 'keep common birds common' while also conserving sensitive or rare species. We use science to direct habitat conservation priorities, but work with landowners and managers to apply conservation in ways that are practical and sustainable for land stewards.

FWP is partnering with the Montana Bird Conservation Partnership, a group of state, federal, not-for-profit and private organizations that are dedicated to bird conservation in Montana. Through this partnership, we have an exciting opportunity to maintain working landscapes and positively affect bird populations and habitats throughout the state.

Contact Us


For more information, please contact Catherine Wightman at (406) 444-3377 or by email.