Bighorn Sheep Conservation Strategy

Photo of Bighorn Ram

FWP completed a draft of Montana's first-ever conservation strategy for Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep.

Montana's draft Bighorn Sheep Conservation Strategy, which sets the overall direction of bighorn sheep management in Montana, draws together in one document the history of the state's Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep from decline to recovery. Learn more Read the plan

Montana Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Facts

Some of the key elements in relation to the current status of bighorn sheep in Montana include:

  • About 5,000 bighorn sheep inhabit Montana in 45 distinct populations.
  • Montana's total population could be expanded to about 6615 bighorn sheep.
  • Bighorn sheep inhabit about 3.7 million acres in Montana.
  • There are 40 bighorn sheep hunting districts in Montana. Five are "unlimited districts" and eight are currently closed to hunting.
  • In 2011, Montana offered hunters a total of 165 licenses for rams and 145 licenses for ewes.
  • To see more information about bighorn sheep visit Montana's Animal Field Guide
  • Learn some interesting facts about bighorn sheep identification, aging, and more. Learn more