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Living with Snakes

Common Racer

Common Racer

Snakes are probably the most misunderstood and feared animals in the world. Most people encounter snakes in their yards and gardens, but snakes will occasionally enter buildings in search of food. Snakes do not cause damage to buildings or other property, they do not eat any human cultivated plant or crop foods, and they do not transmit any disease to humans. Of the ten species of snakes found in Montana only the Western Rattlesnake is poisonous.

Except for the fear that they cause, snakes play an important role in reducing rodent and invertebrate pests. Since non-poisonous snakes are completely harmless and very beneficial, control programs for them are not necessary. Learn to distinguish between poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. Signs of snakes include shed skins, droppings, crawl markings in loose soil, and visual observations.

If you have a problem with snakes, the best advice is to just leave them alone. Considering that snakes eat mice, rats, insects, and other pests. They are a free source of rodent control for your home or property. Snakes are an important part of our local ecosystem, and we should respect all wildlife and give them their space.