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Living with Mountain Lions


Mountain Lion Tracks

Mountain lion prints are round in shape, have a deeply bi-lobed main pad, and normally do not show claws. The shape of a lion track is basically round, only slightly wider than it is long. The tracks have four teardrop-shaped toes, three distinct lobes at the base of the heel pads, and a bi-lobed leading edge of the paw pad. Lynx tracks overlap smaller lion tracks in size, and wolves or large domestic dogs overlap in size with larger lions. Neither of these species, however, display the deeply three-lobed heel pads or the bi-lobing on the front of the main paw pad. Since the claws are retractable in cats, claw marks generally are not apparent in their tracks as they are with dogs and wolves.

Front paw

length 3"-width 3½"

Hind paw

length 3"-width 3"


Common gait is a walk.

Mountain Lion Track in Snow Mountain Lion Track Mountain Lion Tracks

Large Domestic Dog Tracks

Domestic Dog Track

Large dog prints are rectangular in shape, have one lobe on the front of the main pad, and generally show claws.