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Living with Mountain Lions

Avoid Conflicts

We can live successfully with mountain lions if we respect them and protect adequate habitat for them. Here are actions urban and rural dwellers can take to avoid conflicts with mountain lions.

Don't Feed Wildlife

By feeding deer, raccoons or other wildlife in your yard, you may inadvertently attract mountain lions, which prey upon them.

Deer-proof Landscape

Avoid using plants that deer prefer to eat; if landscaping attracts deer, mountain lions may be close by.

Landscape for Safety

Remove dense and/or low-lying vegetation that would provide good hiding places for mountain lions, especially around children's play areas; make it difficult for mountain lions to approach a yard unseen.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Keep the house perimeter well lit at night – especially along walkways – to keep any approaching mountain lions visible.

Keep Pets Secure

Roaming pets are easy prey for hungry mountain lions. Either bring pets inside or keep them in a kennel with a secure top. Don't feed pets outside; this can attract raccoons and other mountain lion prey.

Keep Livestock Secure

Where practical, place livestock in enclosed sheds and barns at night, and be sure to secure all outbuildings.

Keep Children Safe

Keep a close watch on children whenever they play outdoors. Make sure children are inside before dusk and not outside before dawn. Talk with children about mountain lions and teach them what to do if they encounter one.