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Grizzly Bear Facts

  • The grizzly's diet is mostly composed of plants and fruits.
  • Female grizzlies give birth and nurse their cubs in the den, and for the 5-6 months they're in the den they don't eat, drink or eliminate waste.
  • Twin cubs are born more often than single cubs; triplets are not uncommon.
  • On the average, it takes 12 years from birth for a grizzly to become a "grandmother", but only 4 years for a deer.
  • The oldest bear recorded in northwest Montana was 35 years old.
  • Grizzlies are not very social. Males roam the most, using areas from 600-1000 square miles. Females use areas up to 100 square miles. Grizzlies may travel 20-40 miles a day.
  • A grizzly can climb trees-over 20'…, run 44'… per second, and swim across lakes and rivers.
  • A grizzly stands to get a better view, not as an aggressive display.
  • Grizzlies didn't move from the plains into the mountains; they were eliminated from the plains, and only those populations in the mountains have survived.
  • Estimates are that about 35,000 grizzlies live in North America, mostly in Alaska, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, and Yukon. Over 100,000 are estimated to live in Asia.